Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aloysius and Daniela's Reception Photos (Megallan & Tambunan)

Product Tasting at CoffeeBean & Tea Leaf, Waterfront

Late this afternoon, I got an invitation from Shan thru Jacquelin to come and sample some promotional products at the CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf (CBTL), Waterfront. Wah, the power of blogging, but truthfully, this could be my first time blogging about food on a personal level.

The food that was to be sampled was the Red Bean Ice-Blended and the Mandarin Orange Cheesecake. I am not a great critique of food, but a I am great eater. LOL....but I guess I qualify!

Red Bean Ice-Blended key ingredients are the red beans, yes, the kacang merah our wives, moms, moms-in-law and grandmothers use to make bubur with. Well, CBTL has it in the powdered form too, making the ice-blend even more kaw-kaw with red bean flavor.

I suggest having the ice-blend with whipped cream (who wouldn't). By the way, the availability of this drink last as long as the red beans and red bean powder is still in stock.

Drink faster Flan! You might be in time for a second round!

Next product to sample was the Mandarin Orange Cheesecake. Dang, ya'll gotta try this one. You can really taste the citrus! Kalah-kalah Cheesecake Factory bah!

I think one slice of this cake can feed two people, my size. LOL. Unless you don't wanna share, like me. Well, this cake will only be around till mid March 2009, so folks, better rush to get your taste of this fantastic cheesecake.

Now the management did not stop at feeding us only red beans drinks and cheesecakes, they also provided a light dinner of salads, pasta and sandwiches, to my delight of my carb driven diet/stomach/life.

Alice on a diet

I think I had some fun with other bloggers tonight, have never met some of them, and am hoping to see more of them in other functions like this one.

I also would like to thank the great management and staff, notably Andrew, Shan and Charles, of CoffeeBean and Tea Leaf, Waterfront, who also graciously gave me an extra slice of the cheesecake to take back to my wife (a baker), the real foodie (by the way, she finished the cake in less than 10 minutes).

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