Thursday, March 27, 2008

Night Shots of a different kind

I love taking night shots, especially with a tripod, and fooling around with shutter speed and f-stops. Those are with subjects that are stationary. Recently, Breeze Sabah, a new lifestyle magazine, asked me to take photos of the entertainment scene in KK. I have never done these kind of shots but I took up the challenge. Generally, 99% of my photos can be thrown out, but these are some that are worth showing, plus a photo of my friends whom I bumped into.

Breeze Sabah at The Bed

Cocoon (the band is great)

Must follow or else get beer all over you

Wine Rack at Shennenigans, locked...

My sober friends at Shennenigans

'Don't dare touch my Heinie!' at Spurs, Asia City (Mr. Heineken, pls give me free beer if you see this)

Experimental shot, promoting Heineken (Mr. Heineken, pls give me free beer if you see this) at Spurs again


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Jollence Lee said...

Itu tondu2 pun ada juga sana.

Frisco Daniel said...

Ui, ko ganti sy da ambik gambar ka? hehehe, bagus la... i cant carry the task ambil gambar malam2 di pub. you take it la a wendell... i have to tolak that part... all the best with you and your next assignment sama dorang...

anyway your shots bagus ow... very good. continue...

disney said...

Wendell...sorry I didn't have the chance to chat with you on photography last Thursday at Kota Marudu. I saw you with your D200. Anyways...I like the Heineken pics.

Wendell's Blog said...

Lance: Terjumpa sebelum diarang mabuk

Frisco: Hahaha, sia ambik yg tempat haram ja..

Del: Thanks Del, next time we go there for minum.

Justin Wong said...

Hi Wendell,

As I mentioned in my email. Your pics are very well taken. Interesting how you capture your subjects. I also like to take pictures but I don't even consider myself at amateur level apalagi pro macam kau hahaha. I have a Canon Digital camera I bought in Singapore for about SGD800/-. I'm happy that a sifu like you thinks that the picture I took of my son are nice :P. I main tipu a bit lah. I used software to make it cantik2 a bit. Hey, I heard they have a Photography club set up recently, are you a member? I wanted to buy an SLR Digi Camera that day but scared that my wife would scold me.It cost about SGD 2K+ in Singapore. Really tempted to buy it but you know how wife can be lah with their husband's expensive toys.

My son turned 4 on 30 April. I took those pictures of him in my friendsters website when he was about 9 months old.

I'm always the one taking pictures of him with his mom, so when he grows up, he'd probably wonder how come I was always not in the picture.

One fine days, we should meet up at The Cocoon and you show me some pointers yah.

Wendell's Blog said...

Hi Justin,

Hey you know, the toys are sometimes good investment. Especially for a camera, I would highly recommend a DSLR if you want better results. You can manipulate the light to your liking. Some people are talented photographers, and anything they shoot, with any camera, will end up great. But for me, I have to depend a lot on my camera because I am still amatuer. On the software, yes, I admit, I have to also use it when needed, but as much as possible, I like to make the photo good in-camera.

Good luck getting the camera. Tell me when u get it.

Jackson said...

Yo, Wendell, amaciam??!! :-) Wah, cantik juga ko punya night shots ah.. especially di entertainment club. Minat saya tengok la. Apa2 pun saya juga macam si Justin Wong, baaru mo blajar pigang saya punya Nikon D60. Buat masa ni saya blum ada speedlite, kalu kasi difiuse itu in-built flash di kamera itu macamana ya?? Tunjuk ajarku SIFU..

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