Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mt. Kinabalu & Marudu Bay

These photos was taken while I was on my way to Pitas this week. The shots of Mt.Kinabalu was taken from the Nahaba', Kota Belud area. I was attempting use and old country road but was turned back coz of landslide. The scenes of Marudu Bay was taken from the Pitas peninsular, so the hills across the bay is the Kudat peninsular.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunset @ Tanjung Aru

In the beginning, the sunset was not so spectacular because of the dark clouds, but actually towards the end of the evening, it looked kinda nice. I think out of the 100 or so shots i took, half had dust specks and raindrops on my lens. Celaka! Some were nice ones..of course I can photoshop it but, will lose authenticity lah konon. So, these are two photos I think look good (no dust specks or raindrops).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KK by Night - Revisited

Went out again last night to re-take some photos that did not turn out so well the last outing. The good thing last night was; IT WAS NOT RAINING! The moon was out and I managed to get some good shots.

Shadow of a plant on a yellow wall

Jesselton Point

Perfect night at the City Mosque.

Yayasan Sabah building and the Moon.

Finally had to guts to go to Signal Hill at night (11.00pm) and take this photo. I was not alone, there were 3 couples in the darker corners making out.

I liked the color contrast. Gaya Street.

I think this is almost impossible to take at night. A landing plane. Mind you, no flash, and shooting with a zoom (stupid). Anyway, I will keep trying.

Monday, February 18, 2008

KK by Night - Night Shots

The other night, despite the rain, I went around town again, taking shots of landmarks and things that attracted me. The rain was one obstacle cos raindrops keep getting on my lens. I was also playing with my shutter speed to get the best lighting. These are some shots I think that worked out.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Street Cats 2

I was in Lahad Datu earlier this week and took this photo of this one-eyed street cat. I tried to feed it but it ran away when a nearby baby started crying.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Black and White Weekend

Going back to my tourism roots, my family and I had a mini excursion around KK city. My wife just wanted to be outside the house, while I wanted to get Black and White photos of KK landmarks, old and new. I had more shots but my lens was dirty and some shots had dust marks on them. Damn. These posted ones luckily didn't show the dust spots.

View from Signal Hill. Sky was not attractive due to cloudy weather, lucky I was shooting B and W.

The old British Council Building. I liked the old iron doors. This was a small corridor between the British Council and former Land and Survey building. I was kinda scared I would find druggies in one of the rooms.

Atkinson Clock Tower. An old subject by Sabahan photographers. I like this angle, partly because it did not catch too much sky, cars parked nearby and other buildings.

The Yayasan Sabah building or Tun Mustapha Tower. Again the lousy weather helped with the B and W shots.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Rofley & Caroline's Nabawan Wedding

This was one wedding that I had a lotsa fun and time to compose my shots. I had to control myself not to join the wedding guests in sipping the rice wine (which I did after I ran out of memory) during the duration of the wedding feast. Rofley told me later that the wedding went on for another 2 days, as he put it, traditionally, "sampai itu tapai tiada bisa'".

These are some of my favorite shots.

National Geographic POD