Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Air Supply in KK!

Yeah Baby! I feel this was one of the best shoots in my life. Again, in my capacity as Breeze's official photographer, I got to shoot Air Supply From The Heart World Concert Tour 2008. The audience were mouthing the lyrics to the song, singing along to their popular tunes. I was singing out loud to their songs too, while looking through my camera lens. Prior to the shoot, we were told that we were only allowed to shoot during the first 3 songs, but I guess if you have a really fast lens, then you can go flashless. I used a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 for about half of my images.

Well, folks, here it is.

p/s Jess P, I will pick a nice photo..but if you see one here..send me a buzz.

Enjoy the photos!!!


Sze Ning said...

ppeeww weeet. Nice shots of the concert, the colors work well to make it artistic looking. Well done.

bennyliew.com said...

Yo yo bro! napa sa nda nampak ko oh adeh! kalau nda sa mau minta ambil gambar taim di atas pentas ba

Anway nice shots bro!!!!

Fridaycat said...

Hey great shots! Definitely better than my blurry photos which i had to take like 100 metres away, haha.

Wendell said...

pening: tengkiu

benny: sia sudah tingu balik gambar sia, inda dpt la yg kau atas pentas tu

fridaycat: well, advantages of getting a press pass and shooting from up front, btw, we got shoo-ed away by the organizers cos were suppose to shoot only during the first 3 songs but we kept on shooting till we ran out of memory...ahahahha
thanks again!

Wendell said...
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SOOBESTA said...

nice shots wendell! very good!
i got a canon but i guess we can still be friends huh? haha..
i was the one with Melanie Chu..

Wendell said...

ah..that was you screaming. of course bah..opposites attract kan?

Emily Kesuma said...

very nice pics bro... yeah, u r right, they look sooo old already bah! how old r they now? in the their 60s?

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