Monday, May 26, 2008

Wilyanah & Flarry's Wedding - Sneak Preview

This was a very nice wedding set in the valleys of Kiulu at Poturidong. I used to live in Tamparuli and I had many friends and classmates from Kiulu. It was, for me, a mini reunion of some sort, meeting up with old friends and relatives. I think I had too much fun taking photos of the couple that a woman kept hugging me...later to find out she was not quite 'right there'. The wedding party had a good laugh. The wedding was held at the Poturidong SDA church and moved on to the Kiulu Multipurpose Hall for reception. Tatie, these series is just a sneak peak kio.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

And the Winner is.............

Congratulations Rounna on winning the D'Junction Miss Kaamatan 2008! These are some photos of the constestants and other people involved with the event. Will

Atama Katama, Emcee of the event

Boy Petrus with Miss Kaamatan after the event

Thursday, May 22, 2008

15 Finalists of D'Junction's Miss Kaamatan 2008

These fine ladies are up to grab the title this Friday night, May 23rd at 9.00pm at D'Junction's Fun Pub. If you know any of these ladies, please come and support them in droves. For photographers, make sure you are also there and please email me your choice of the 'Photograher's Choice Award' aka Miss Photogenic. Feast your eyes folks and Happy Kaamatan! Don't Drink and Drive! p/s This is a busy month for photography of Unduk Ngadaus and Weddings, so if you see me, don't be afraid to say hello.

Friday, May 16, 2008

D'Junction's Miss Kaamatan 1st Heat

It's quite sad that for this competition, it does not lead to a spot in the State Level Unduk Ngadau on May 31st at the KDCA. The girls are beautiful and talented. I hope that some of them will join their district level Unduk Ngadau pageants to get into the State Level one. These are some belated photos of the girls that made it into the grand finals of D'Junction's Miss Kaamatan 2008.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Penampang and Papar Countryside Photo Outing

My Canadian friend from KL came to Sabah for the weekend and I managed to spend some time taking her around the countryside. We covered the Babagon area and drove thru the backroads of Papar and Kinarut to try get some cool photos. These are some shots I took on our 4 hour excursion. Enjoy!

First stop: Timpangoh, where they grow pineapples, lemongrass and ginger

Drove till the end of the road at Timpangoh, got on a suspension bridge..managed to take one of Cheryl

Caught this little village girl while at Timpangoh

On the way down the hills of Timpangoh, I managed to use the 'reflection' element as suggested by Louis Pang during his Epson talk

Near the main Tambunan-KK road, we stopped by a traditional blacksmith; a dying trade

The sledge hammer that the blacksmith has been using since the 1960's

We stopped by Kinarut to get the small town feel and found this small barber shed under a raintree

Advertisement for job recruitment agencies to go work in KL and Singapore

Brooms sold at a Mom and Pop store in Kinarut

Buffalo: "What the hell?"

Till next time kitty..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spurs' Miss Borneo 2008

This pageant had the most subsidiary titles and the most shows I have ever photographed. I think I shot over 14 gig of photos overall. After photographing a number of beauty pageants since I started working in this capacity, I have come to learn to analyse who might win a pageant. I also noticed that there are some contestants that are 'serial' contestants, going from one pageant to another. I am not judging them, but hey, this is only my observation. Currently, D'Junction organized their annual Miss Kaamatan 2008, and yes, familiar faces...I don't want to name 'em, but hey again, you will see their faces here anyway... Congratulations to the winners and contestants! See you again in another pageant!

Spurs' Miss Borneo 2008, Menjender

Viva Las Vegas baby!


DJ Kumar fooling around on stage..documented bro.

Eja eating fire while doing the many of you can do this?

Aby getting made up backstage

DJ Kumar's photo for his resume..heheheh

Thats me and Kimberly (D'Junction Ms.Oriental 2008) backstage

National Geographic POD