Thursday, October 28, 2010

20th International Borneo Safari 2010

Around this time of year I am always excited to see the modified 4 wheels in KK ready for safari action! I have never owned a pimped up 4 wheeler in my life and only been on one Borneo Safari in my life, but this dream of owning a Land Rover Defender has alwasy been on my mind. I missed this year's event cos I didn't make a phone call early enough to book a spot on my favorite Land Rover..owned by old buddy Billy Yapp Nan Thien @ Touki from Ranau.

This is what its all about..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Buli bah kalau Bayu!

So, was invited by Astro, via Jollence Lee, to the launching of Radio Bayu at Sutera today. Met lotsa old press friends. Honestly, I was a bit in the dark about the event and was obviously out of touch with my journalism instincts. In a mouthful, Radio Bayu is a satellite radio channel that plays purely Sabahan music, not necessarily KadazanDusunMurut music only, but all kinds of music and genre, of artists and musicians from Sabah. So for the folks that are pressing the 'scan' button on your car radio or handphone, its not there yet. Look for it on your channel guide on your Astro. I guess with Sabahans being everywhere in Malaysia now, its only natural that a Sabahan radio channel is up. By the way, all the radio announcers will be talking in Sabahan Malay and I think Sabahan English too. Bah, here are some photos of the launching.

Datuk Masidi launched the event

These are our radio announcers, don't worry, memang butul-butul orang Sabah!

Jamie Roscom

Constantine Anthony, funny to be listening to him talk Sabah Malay, always pictured him all 'English' the way, the hand gesture I think represents a microphone..kan?

Yuriz Abdul Rahman, memang orang KK..says he comes from Kampung KK..

Rydiana Abdul Rahim, all grown up now.

One for the road!

Another shot with the obligatory brand shot

Jollence and the radio announcers

And lastly, a shot with Noraishah, Astro's Communication Specialist.

Bah, apa lagi..dingar la tu Bayu..

National Geographic POD