Thursday, January 31, 2008

Street Cats 2008

This was taken on the 1st of January on the way back to my kampung in Kota Belud. We stopped by Tuaran to buy ice and my wife saw this group of street cats behind a chinese restaurant. One looked like our cat that got lost, Dulcie, so I zoomed in to see if it was her. Who knows, she might have walked all the way to Tuaran from Kota Belud. Anyway, my wife thinks this photograph is nice, so I am posting it.

Larry & Anne's Christmas 2007 Wedding

This is quite belated, posting an old wedding assignment. Larry, the groom, is an old friend and classmate since Form 1 in Kota Marudu. He was really quiet about his wedding plans and the first time I met his wife, Anne, it was on their wedding day. I worked with some of the local photographers who was also covering another couple (double wedding). Andy, their photo and video guy, just invested in a Nikon D200. I was still using a Nikon D80 and thought it was high time that I also upgraded to a D200. I was lucky a few weeks ago to get a D200 and I am really happy with it. Of course if I hadthe money, I would have gone for a D300, shucks.

Rofley & Caroline's Wedding, 26th January, Penampang

Hello folks! I am putting up some photos of last weekend's wedding shoot. I learned so many things about photography over this week, especially shooting with high ISO and balancing it with less flash. The couple, working in Penang, are back for almost a month now preparing for two wedding celebrations. The Penampang side was last weekend and this weekend is in Nabawan, Keningau. Congratulations Rofley & Caroline and thank you for giving me the chance to shoot your wedding!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Trip to Chewong village (Pahang)

Notice the children's slippers left on the riverbank while they were off swimming. This was my second trip to this village and my shots during the first were still very poor. So on my return to this village, I went to the same spot and saw the slippers. Obviously no fear of slippers getting stolen.

This was photo was taken on a trip to Pahang, where our group spent time with Chewong children in the river and forest. I tried so many shots on the 'light transcending down from heaven' scene and i think this one was the most succesfull.

Trip to Carey Island, Selangor

I took this picture of a Mah Meri wood carver at work. My photography mentor, Colin, took me to Carey Island in Selangor to help out in a traditional Mah Meri wedding. The carver told me an expatriate ordered this wood design at a very good price. Anyone interested in ordering Indigenous crafts can contact Gerai OA at (6)0197518686 (Reita Rahim) or read up at

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sabah Air Chopper taking off at Tanjung Aru Beach

It's been a long time!

I think the last time I blogged was in 2005 while I was still bumming around in Hawaii. I hope through this blog, I can share my interests and thoughts with the rest of the world. I am just putting some photos I took this weekend to start with.

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