Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rofley & Caroline's Wedding, 26th January, Penampang

Hello folks! I am putting up some photos of last weekend's wedding shoot. I learned so many things about photography over this week, especially shooting with high ISO and balancing it with less flash. The couple, working in Penang, are back for almost a month now preparing for two wedding celebrations. The Penampang side was last weekend and this weekend is in Nabawan, Keningau. Congratulations Rofley & Caroline and thank you for giving me the chance to shoot your wedding!


Leonard Alaza said...

Great pix man!! I think you're ready to take on the photography world. Let's start with golf. That's where the bucks are stashed in by the who's who in the society.

Frisco Daniel said...

wooo... can i join you guys?

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