Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Australian War Memorial

I had the day off from work and Trixie asked me what I would be doing, so naturally I said, "Sleep." But after much thought, I decided to take a trip to the Australian War Memorial which is around 10 minutes from our place. I knew that I would find something interesting there because Sabah and Australia have ties since WW2 because of the infamous Sandakan-Ranau Death March. As an ex-tour guide in Sabah, I have some knowledge of the march. What I found, apart from other historical exhibits, is a whole room and wall dedicated to Australian troops who died during the Death March. I had a short emotional moment thinking how they sacrificed their lives for the Sabahans.

View of the Australian Parliament House from the War Memorial

Entrance to the War Memorial

Inside the memorial - quite similar layout to the one in Kundasang

How Sabah is highlighted

Photos of those who died during the death march

National Geographic POD